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Kantha Quilt

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Perfect in their imperfections, kaleidoscopes of color, vintage Kantha quilts are a one-of-a-kind cotton textile. Over the years we have developed a trusting friendship with our distributor Dinesh in Jaisalmer whose team of amazing women stitch each quilt by hand using old sarees and scraps of cloth. 3-5 days go into making just one Kantha quilt, and out of those 3-5 days comes bright, colorful works of art that have, and will, last lifetimes. A beautiful and delightful break from the mass-produced machine-made products we see daily. 

These vintage patchwork quilts were initially made in the 1950s to 1980s by women in Indian villages to mark specific events like childbirth and marriage. They cut out the softest and most attractive parts of their old sarees and other garments and arranged them into an exquisite masterpiece. These quilts age anywhere between 30 to 80 years and have been repeatedly patched to mend generations of wear. Thank you for accepting the perfect imperfections of this vintage piece. It will continue you a lifetime and become your favorite gift to give & receive.

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