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Hanalei Moon | Tenor

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Our Hanalei Moon ukulele is the Hanalei Strings pride and joy. Designed by our owner, Tora Smart, the Hanalei Moon depicts the beautiful landscape of Hanalei Bay. While you’re playing it, the Hanalei Pier, bay & mountain range is clear as day with its vivid abalone detailing. We’ve only make a couple of these a year, so if you’re looking for a real special beauty, look no further.

  • Solid curly koa (from Kauai) with abalone inlay on body, neck & head

  • Handmade on Kauai by local luthier Raymond Rapozo

  • Tenor size (large) Gives the biggest sound, our favorite size of Island Ukuleles

  • Long neck & wide fretboard, great for larger hands & fingerpicking

  • Beautiful abalone detailing of Kauai island and Hanalei Pier on head, Hanalei ocean on neck & Hanalei mountain range & Hanalei bay on body

  • Grade 3. What does this mean? The older the wood is the curlier the grain will be, thus meaning more valuable and sought after! Our ukuleles are marked grades 1, 2, or 3, with 3 being the highest and most valuable of all.

We are available to personally help you find the perfect ukulele. Please email us if you have any questions and we will guide you on the right path! If preferred or needed we can also hop on a call with you and try to be of further assistance. Thank you for choosing us to fulfill your ukulele desires! By purchasing through Hanalei Strings you are supporting a small-town family and their 3 employees. We are sending you the best karma, and if you continue to support local family-run businesses, we promise you’ll never burn another fresh batch of cookies again.